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  • Coronavirus: we currently plan to run the Summer School in Montpellier in July as normal but will maintain a watchful eye on medical advice. We therefore propose that you do not commit yourself to significant expenditure until nearer the day.
Comic 1 | 23/03/2020
The glass world
Comic 2 | 23/03/2020
Glass recycling
Comic 3 | 23/03/2020
Optical fibres
Comic 4 | 23/03/2020
Bioactive glass

12th ICG Montpellier Summer School, July 2020. CANCELLED. Await further information



MONTPELLIER (France), 5th-10th JULY 2020

Event cancelled for these dates

The workshop will be composed of two interwoven threads.

The first thread will overview fundamentals in glass science emphasising structure-property relationships, experimental techniques, material simulations and tools that probe structure. Specific properties and applications will be discussed e.g. optical behaviour, transport phenomena, nucleation and crystallisation, and strength. 

The second thread will focus on the viscosity of commercial and geological glass forming melts, measurement methods and models to describe the temperature and composition dependence. Next viscoelastic behaviour near the glass transition, Tg will be described, particularly in the context of glass fabrication processes such as fibre making and pressing.

The lecturers will be world experts in their fields. A significant aspect of the workshop will be student-centred projects that will help participants to develop their understanding by applying what they know to specific issues. 

Is this for you?

If you are a new research student or have just started work in the glass industry then the answer is yes.


Pre-registration:    Deadline 15/04/2020

By email to:  verres2020@mycema.fr

Registration:   Deadline 15/05/2020

Normal fee :     900 €

Reduced fee :  350 € for students and academics

The fee includes 2 coffee breaks and a lunch per day, a welcome reception and conference dinner. 

Lodging and meals :

250 €, including 6 nights lodging with breakfast in a student residence at the University。 

Accommodation includes Friday evening!

Final date for lodging reservation is 15/05/2020

泛亚竞猜Participants will be limited to: 50, with no more than 20 places for the Rheology Option

Pre-order the Montpellier Summer School textbook (recommended):
'Teaching Glass Better' at a 10% discount: 45 €

Prof  J M Parker, University of Sheffield, UK
Prof  B Hehlen, University of Montpellier, France
Prof R Conradt, uniglassAC GmbH Co., Germany

A summary of the 2018 School can be found under ICG News.

Cancellation Policy and Practical Information on attending the Montpellier 2020 School | 28/11/2019
Find out more
Provisional Programme for 2020 Summer School (Montpellier) | 13/02/2020

ICG: Opportunity to experience a new culture

Are you keen to attend  our ICG Winter School in China and also experience a new culture at the same time?

If so you might be interested in the grants below。 Please send an e-mail to the conference organisers at the addresses given at this web site if you wish to apply。

泛亚竞猜1) Financial support has been offered by China Triumph Engineering for the next planned ICG Winter School in Wuhan, China (2020)。

2) This support provided will be a fixed scholarship to assist towards travel and accommodation costs and the school fees, subject to the prior agreement of the conference organisers。

3) Applicants should be in the early stages of research for a PhD in the glass field or have only recently taken a research position in the glass industry.

4) To apply students should submit to the school organisers a CV, a brief statement of how they hope to benefit from the experience, a supporting letter from their Supervisor and their anticipated costs。 They will be expected to submit a statement of what they gained from the experience after the event and to provide a detailed account of their expenses with receipts before they will be re-imbursed。

5) Because we expect considerable competition for these grants, students should not commit themselves to any expenses before their support has been confirmed.

6th Wuhan Winter School 1-6th November, 2020

Glass Formation, Structure and Properties
Special theme: Glass fibres

The workshop will be composed of two interwoven threads. The first thread concerns fundamentals in glass science emphasizing structure-property relationships, experimental techniques and numerical simulations. The second thread this year will focus on glass fibres. Attention will be given to glass fibers for optics and re-inforcement, together with their applications. 

One significant aspect of the workshop will be student-centered projects that will help participants to develop their understanding by applying what they know to specific issues. The other is to strengthen the fundamentals of glass science to fresh engineers from glass industry.

The lecturers are the world experts in their fields and will be announced in the next circular.

泛亚竞猜 ICG-TC23, The Chinese Ceramic Society, China Triumph International Engineering Co. Ltd (CTIEC), Wuhan University of Technology, State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures (SMART)


Is this for you?
If you are a graduated student on glass science or have recently started work in the glass industry, then this workshop is the RIGHT CHOICE for you.

Pre-registration: Deadline 08/31/2020
By simple e-mail to: optinfo@whut.edu.cn
Registration: Deadline 09/30/2020
Normal fee: 3000 RMB (to be confirmed)
Reduced fee: 1500 RMB for students
The fee includes coffee breaks, a welcome reception, and a banquet.
Limited participants: 35 (Glass Science) and 20 (Glass fibres)

Local Organizers
Prof. Shou Peng: CTIEC
Mr. Zhanping Jin: The Chinese Ceramic Society
Prof. Xiujian Zhao: SMART, Wuhan University of Technology
Prof. Kai Xu: SMART, Wuhan University of Technology
Prof. Chao Liu: SMART, Wuhan University of Technology
Prof. Jihong Zhang: SMART, Wuhan University of Technology (optinfo@whut.edu.cn)

A summary of the 2018 School can be found under ICG News.


10th Montpellier ICG Summer School 2018

2018 summer school gallery : Distribution and signing of the book 'Teaching Glass Better'

IC Glass Gallery 4 Images

Programme 2018 | 27/07/2018

2017 summer school Gallery 5 Images

IC Glass Gallery (Montpellier 2016) 6 Images

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